Lennonsidol real name Mark Joseph Parsons was born in Ballymun in July 1979 later to move to Blanchardstown in Dublin at the age of 6.
As a child he always knew he was going to pursue a career in the arts wheather it be in writing,acting or painting, But his true calling was always music.When he was in school he learned how to play thin whistle and bohran and he would later progress to Guitar/Piano and any other instrument he could get his hands on while he wrote, teaching himself these as he went along.
He started writing short stories from a young age and from this started putting them into songs when he started playing guitar.
At 15 he joined a senior folk group in his local church talioring his style of playing and a year later he set up a junior folk group teaching children to play guitar and sing.He later went on to set up a band called another original with the band getting a write up in the hot press magazine but as bands go to much conflicts made them finish services.Over the years he found himself doing different projects either being in a covers band of different styles and bringing up his children but had always longed to share to the world his own compositions to be the artist he is to date.

world domination Parsongs (c)2010 Lennonsidol.mp3

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