Hi and Welcome....Mark J was born in July 1979, growing up in Ballymun during a time of turmile and one of Irelands first recessions , a time of a spiraling evergrowing crime spree being fueled with what the 80's had brought to Dublin ,a new found drug ere.......His parents looked for a better walk of life for their growing family so they moved to Blanchardstown in Dublin. 
As a child he always felt drawn to pursue a career in the arts,either it be in writing,acting or painting, But his true calling was to be in music. 
When he was in school he was taught how to play thin whistle and bohran and he would later progress to Guitar/Piano and any other instruments he could get his hands on while he wrote, being self taught in these and then from there...there was no looking back. 
He started writing short stories from a young age and from this progressed into writing songs when he was introduced to music. 
At 16 he joined a senior folk group in his local church talioring his style of playing and a year later he set up a junior folk group teaching children to play guitar and sing. 
He later went on to set up a band getting a write up in the hot press magazine,entering competitions and playing the local circuit. 

His love for writing is apparent and the ability to tell stories are shown in songs such as.... "Government A" about our than struggling Irish government under the bad leadership of Cowen and their bad choices and mishaps.......A song most countries today can relate to. 
And songs..." Adam" about a struggling unmarried father getting to grips with his failing relationship with his sons mother and "His own hand" A song of one woman's love for her husband as his sickness takes its toll on their lives.. brings a more personal aproach to the table and shows how mark can take a story and tell it with heart and bring it to life with soulfull acoustic music.. 
Over the years he found himself envolved with different projects being in cover bands of different styles playing in local pubs and competitions but had always longed to share to the world his own compositions in his own way....join him on his journey and enjoy..

Rainless cries Parsongs(c)2010 Lennonsidol.mp3


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